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Manage GitKraken Subscriptions

Subscriptions are tied directly to an organization, even if the subscription is for one user. The subscription is identical for everyone in the organization and one license is required for every member (unless their role does not use a license).

How to Purchase

To purchase a subscription for the first time follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Login with your GitKraken account or create an account.
  3. If there is an existing organization in the left panel to purchase on, select that and select “Subscription” (remember you need to have a role with permission to purchase). If no organizations are listed or you intend to purchase on another, select “Create organization.”
  4. Select the products that are going to be used by the organization (GitKraken Client, GitLens, or Bundle them both together). Remember GitKraken Jira products such as Git Integration for Jira do not work with your GitKraken account and do not support bundling.
  5. Select the tier that is best for your organization (Pro, Teams, or Enterprise). There are links at the bottom of each while can further elaborate on the differences.
  6. You will then be taken to the billing form where you can select the quantity of licenses (one for each member of the organization that will be using the product).
  7. Fill out the rest of the form with all the relevant billing information and name your organization.
  8. Select the "Complete Purchase" button to complete your transaction.
  9. If you added more licenses than there are members in the organization to claim, you will be taken to the "Add Users" screen.

If you encounter trouble while purchasing and you have verified your payment method, please don’t hesitate to contact us for support.


You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, login to, select the organization, select "Subscription" on the left side, and select "Cancel Subscription." Follow the flow to complete cancelation. Once canceled, you will keep your subscription for the remainder of its billing period. Once the period is up, everyone in the organization will lose access to the subscription.

When your subscription is set to cancel but you can still use it, your organization will be labeled as "canceled." When your subscription is completely canceled and the billing period has passed, it will be lableld as "expired."

Only the owner, admins, and billing contacts have permission to cancel.


You can always reactivate a canceled subscription. You can reactivate by logging into, select the organization, select "Subscription" on the left side, and select "reactivate." Please note the two cases.

If your subscription is set to cancel but still active, denoted as canceled:

  • Reactivation will not charge you until your next renewal or if you decide to upgrade from the plan you already have.

If your subscription is completely canceled, denoted as expired:

  • Selecting reactivation will require you to purchase the exact same plan you had when it was canceled.
  • If you don’t want the same exact plan you have two options:

Edit Billing

To update your billing method, go to, select the organization, select "Subscription" on the left side, and click "Update Payment." From here you may select to update your existing payment method or switch between payment methods.

Billing History

Each billing cycle, the owner and billing contacts of the organization will receive an email with the receipt attached. If you would like to receive prior receipts, please contact accounting for additional copies.

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