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Whether a solo user on a personal license, or an owner managing multiple teams across organizations, learn how to manage your GitKraken GitLens account(s), subscription(s), and organization(s).

The first question to answer: do I need an account to use GitLens or GitLens+?

  • GitLens is free, no account required, and can be used on any local repository.
  • GitLens+ features on local & public repositories are also free.
  • GitLens+ features on private repositories require a Pro plan (or greater), view pricing here.

If you are working with GitLens+ features on private repositories, you will need to create an account and purchase a license. See below for more information.

Sign-up and Purchase

You can register a GitKraken account to give you access to GitLens+. Feel free to use your email address or use another sign-up source like GitHub. Using an alternate sign-in source will automatically pull in your related email address to make an account.

Once your account is created, you can purchase a plan by clicking 🚀 Purchase License, and then select See GitLens Pricing to be presented with options for purchasing.

Next you will be promted to select how many licenses you want and enter your billing information. Fill out all relevant fields and click .

Note: If you are purchasing a license for just your personal use or otherwise not part of an organization, you can enter a value of your choice. Most use “Personal” or “Self.”

If you already have an Organization or Trial Organization, you can click on the existing organization instead and navigate to Subscription to change the license or add users.


The Organizations section shows your organization(s). Click on an organization to manage the Users, Teams, and Subscriptions.

To access your account and manage your organization(s), navigate to and login.

Once you log into your account, click Organization [Your organization name] to add users.


Subsriptions can be added to an organization by clicking the tab.

Once a subscription is added to the organization owner or admin roles may add users to the account using their email address (see Manage Users section below).

Rename organization

To rename your Organization, log into as the Owner or Admin and then navigate to Organizations [Your organization name] Settings.

Type a new name for the Organization and save.

Hide organizations

If you have any expired GitKraken subscriptions, you may hide these expired organizations from the left panel of

You can also manually choose to hide an organization in the sidebar from the Organizations [Your organization name] Settings menu.

Click the Show Hidden Organizations button to show hidden organizations.


There are four roles for a GitKraken user within an organization’s account:

  • Owner: Add or edit users plus access to billing. No one but the owner can transfer ownership
  • Admin: Add or edit users plus manage billing
  • User: General user
  • Billing Contact (unlicensed): Does not consume a license. Add or edit general users plus manage billing

Manage users

Allocating licenses

  1. Under Organization [Your organization name] , click
  2. Enter the user email address
  3. Select the user role
  4. Click
  5. Celebrate

Additionally, you can set up a user as a Billing Contact (unlicensed). This is perfect for people who don’t need to use GitKraken Client, but wish to have access to manage the account subscription and settings.

Buying more licenses

First log into and click through to Organization [Your organization name] Subscription.

Increase the user count and then complete the purchase. User upgrades are always prorated to your billing cycle.

Do you have questions about upgrading your plan or an order? Contact our Success or Accounting teams as needed!

Removing users

To remove a user and free up a license, click next to the user on the list followed by Remove User for confirmation.

Reallocating licenses

Any Owner, Admin, or Billing Contact may remove users and then add users to reallocate licenses from

Note, Billing Contact roles cannot remove or edit Owner or Admin users.

From the Users pane in the left panel, click to a user. Then click .

Importing/Exporting users

To import users click the Add User button. From here you can import users via a .csv file.

When importing users, be sure to have columns for Email, Username, Role, User License.

If you need to export users, you may access this option from the Users list on

The export will contain columns for Email, Username, Role, User License.

Billing information

Review billing information or switch between credit card and Paypal at any time.

Editing billing

To edit your billing or to switch payment methods, first log in as an Admin or the Owner and click Organization [Your organization name].

Click Subscription to update the subscription. From here you may select to change your card details or switch payment methods.

If you are switching from credit card to Paypal, follow the prompts to authenticate with Paypal.

Looking for receipts or payment history?

Each billing cycle, our accounting system will send the owner listed a subscription a receipt for record keeping. The account site does not currently display billing history but please email for additional copies.

Transfer ownership

If you are the Owner of a GitKraken Pro or GitKraken Enterprise account, then you may transfer ownership to a different user from

To transfer ownership, navigate to Organizations [Your organization name] Settings. Then select the existing user who will become the new Owner.


To cancel, first log into your GitKraken account as the Admin or Owner and click Organizations [Your organization name] Subscription.

You may then Cancel Subscription from the lower left corner.

Canceling will turn off the auto-renewal but you will retain access to your license(s) for the remainder of your subscription period.

Reactivate a subscription

Any canceled or expired subscription may be reactivated by logging into as the Owner, Admin or Billing Contact.

Click on Organizations and then click on the name of the expired or canceled subscription.

Then click on Subscription in the left panel, where you may update the license total or billing details before hitting .

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