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Both GitLens and GitKraken Desktop offer 7-day trials of Pro. You can initiate these trials by logging into the corresponding app with a GitKraken account for the first time. Each trial is separate, so starting a 7-day trial with your GitKraken account in one app does not start it for the other.

Multi-User Trials

Multi-user trials are available for groups of users that would like to try the GitKraken DevEx platform across members of their team, company, or organization. After a multi-user trial is started, it will be active for 30 days. The duration of the multi-user trial is shared by everyone in the organization.

To start a multi-user trial:

  1. Visit
  2. Login with your GitKraken account
  3. Select your organization and then “Start Multi-User Trial”
  4. Add users
  5. Once users are added, your extended Multi-user trial has begun

It is not possible for a user to be a member of more than one multi-user trial at a time. Once the multi-user trial has lapsed, an owner cannot start another multi-user trial.

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