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GitLens Trials

Both GitKraken Client and GitLens offer 7-day trials of Pro. You can initiate these trials by logging into the corresponding app with a GitKraken account for the first time. Each trial is separate, so starting a 7-day trial with your GitKraken account in one app does not start it for the other.

Organization Trials

Organization trials are available for groups of users that would like to try GitKraken Client across members of their team, company, or organization. After an organization trial is started, 21 days are added to the remainder of the owner’s 7-day GitKraken Client trial (even if there is no time left). The duration of the organization trial is shared by everyone in the organization.

To start an organization trial:

  1. Visit
  2. Login with your GitKraken account
  3. Select “New trial organization” (if you already have an organization and have not started a trial organization, select that and continue with step 5)
  4. Name the organization when prompted
  5. Add users
  6. Once users are added, your extended organization trial has begun

It is not possible for a user to be a member of more than one organization trial at a time. Once the organization trial has lapsed, an owner cannot start another organization trial.

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