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GitLens+ Features

Sign up for GitLens+ to unlock powerful additional features like Worktrees and Visual File History – with more coming soon! It’s completely free to create your account, which enables you to utilize GitLens+ features with public repos indefinitely and private repos during your automatic 7-day trial of GitLens+ Pro. After your Pro trial, your account will enable you to upgrade to a paid plan if you’d like, or you can simply continue using GitLens+ features with public repos for free.

The introduction of GitLens+ has no impact on existing GitLens features. You’re not losing access to any of the features you know and love. In fact, more core features will continue to be added to GitLens. Signing up for GitLens+ simply gives you access to certain additional features that enable you to get even more out of Git in VS Code!


Create Git Worktrees that allow multiple branches to be checked-out at once on the same repository. This makes it easier to develop on, or test multiple branches, by minimizing the context switching between branches.

Visual File History

The Visual File History allows you to quickly see the evolution of a file, including when changes were made, how large they were, and who made them.
Authors who have contributed changes to the file are on the left y-axis to create a swim-lane of their commits over time (the x-axis). Commit are plotted as color-coded (per-author) bubbles, whose size represents the relative magnitude of the changes.

Additionally, each commit’s additions and deletions are visualized as color-coded, stacked, vertical bars, whose height represents the number of affected lines (right y-axis). Added lines are shown in green, while deleted lines are red.

Gain addditional insights on hover.

Coming Soon

You can expect more features like the GitKraken commit graph, which will help you visualize branch structure and commit history. It not only helps verify your recent Git actions on the repo, but also shows who made what code changes and when.


What are GitLens+ features?

Initially, in GitLens 12 we introduced new GitLens+ features that include Worktrees and Visual File History. But we have tons of new visualization and collaboration features in the pipeline, like the GitKraken commit graph, which is coming soon!

What is GitLens+?

GitLens+ is a set of exciting new visualization and code collaboration capabilities designed to help devs code faster and more efficiently solo or as a team. Signing up for GitLens+ unlocks these additional features that can be used indefinitely with public repositories. You’ll also be able to test drive GitLens+ features with private repos as part of your automatic 7-day free trial of GitLens+ Pro.

Is GitLens still free?

Yes, GitLens is free. All core features will continue to be free without an account. In fact, we’re still adding many core features to GitLens. GitLens+ features are purely additive and provide a richer, more powerful experience.

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