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Version 12.2

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

The new Commit Graph 🎨 in GitLens 12.2 will fix all your commitment problems…in your code 🥁 👩‍💻

✨Commit Graph – Preview

Users may now view the Commit Graph of their repository through GitLens.

This beloved feature from GitKraken Client helps visualize your repo commit history and give you information about branches, commits, and collaborators all in one view — making it easier to see contributions and help you make faster, more informed decisions.

To open the Commit Graph, open the command palette using the keyboard shortcut Cmd Shift P and type Show Commit Graph.

This will open a new tab and render your current repo’s commit history, where you may scroll through your history and resize any of the columns widths.

You may also access the Commit Graph by clicking this graph icon from the Source Control view in the Sidebar or Status Bar.

The Commit Graph is available to all users working on public repositories, and requires no account. Additionally, users with a paid GitLens+ subscription can use the Commit Graph with private repos.

For those on vscode.dev or github.dev, this also means you can open the Commit Graph on a web browser.

The Commit Graph is in Preview mode, and we’d love to hear your feedback in the Commit Graph discussion on GitHub.

Commit Details View

GitLens 12.2 also ships with a Commit Details View, which gives you contextual change info about your code.

To open the Commit Details View, open the command palette using Cmd Shift P and this time type: Show Commit Details View or navigate to the Commit Details View in the Sidebar.

The Commit Details View updates as you move your cursor throughout the file with information about the commit that modified that line of code. Get quick information about the commit author, commit ID, links to Pull Requests, files modified in the commit, and more.

Click on a file to open the diff, and see what changed. You may also hover over the file name to access options like Open File, Open Changes with Working File, and Open Remote.

✨ GitHub Enterprise Integration

Next, GitLens+ now offers a richer integration with GitHub Enterprise.

Once authenticated, GitLens will enrich GitHub autolinks in the hovers. You’ll see your GitHub Enterprise avatar, links to related pull requests, along with a footnote of the pull request or issue details.

You’ll see similar details from the Sidebar views for any commit or branch associated with a pull request or issue.

✨ Single Sign On

Single Sign On is here, providing GitLens+ users with a more secure sign in method!

Requirements and configuration

Your GitKraken account may now initiate an Oauth authentication flow with the following supported Identity Providers (IdPs):

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Okta
  • Google Identity Platform
  • Ping Identity

Please note that your IdP will first need to be configured before setting up the connection in your GitKraken account. For assistance, please contact your IdP administrator or consult the IdP documentation for help.

Additional requirements:

  • Configurable only by GitKraken Owner or Admin of an organization
  • Subscribed to either the Teams or Enterprise plan

Documentation: How to set up SSO in GitKraken

Signing in with SSO

GitLens+ users should see a new option to Sign in with SSO from the login screen.

After clicking Sign in with SSO, the SSO form will open and ask for an email address to use for SSO login. The app will then check the email and determine whether the email address belongs to a single IdP for SSO. When the email address is successfully identified, the user will be taken to that IdP to login.

Once authenticated, the user may use GitLens+

More improvements

Stash naming defaults

When applying or popping a stash, GitLens will default the commit message input to the stash message.

And when stashing changes, the stash name will now default to any entry in the commit message input.

Stats in comparisons

There are now stats about additions & deletions in files nodes in comparisons. To get these stats, navigate to the Search & Compare view in the Sidebar and create a comparison between commits.

Search for text in Interactive Rebase Editor

And users may now search for text on the Interactive Rebase Editor using Ctrl F.

Change Log


  • Adds Commit Graph
  • Adds Commit Details View
  • Adds rich integration with GitHub Enterprise — closes #1210
    • Adds associated pull request to line annotations and hovers
      Pull requests on line annotation and hovers
    • Adds associated pull request to status bar blame
      Pull requests on status bar
    • Adds GitHub avatars
    • Adds associated pull requests to branches and commits in GitLens views
    • Adds rich autolinks for GitHub issues and merge requests, including titles, status, and authors
    • Adds rich support to Autolinked Issues and Pull Requests within comparisons to list autolinked GitHub issues and merge requests in commit messages
  • Adds new stash behaviors to use the Source Control (commit message) input box — closes #2081
    • When a stash is applied or popped and the Source Control input is empty, we will now update the Source Control input to the stash message
    • When stashing changes and the Source Control input is not empty, we will now default the stash message input to the Source Control input value
  • Adds the ability to search (Ctrl+F) for text on the Interactive Rebase Editor — closes #2050
  • Adds stats (additions & deletions) to files nodes in comparisons — closes #2078 thanks to help via PR #2079 by Nafiur Rahman Khadem (@ShafinKhadem)
  • Adds the ability to uniquely format uncommitted changes for the current line blame annotations — closes #1987
    • Adds a gitlens.currentLine.uncommittedChangesFormat setting to specify the uncommitted changes format of the current line blame annotation. NOTE: Setting this to an empty string will disable current line blame annotations for uncommitted changes
  • Adds variable expansion support to the gitlens.worktrees.defaultLocation setting
    • ${userHome} — the path of the user’s home folder
    • ${workspaceFolder} — the path of the folder opened in VS Code containing the specified repository
    • ${workspaceFolderBasename} — the name of the folder opened in VS Code containing the specified repository without any slashes (/)
  • Adds owner avatars to remotes in the Remotes view for GitHub remotes


  • Greatly improves performance of many view interactions when connected to a rich integration and pull request details are enabled, including:
    • Showing and refreshing the Commits view
    • Expanding commits, branches, and worktrees
  • Remembers chosen filter on files nodes in comparisons when refreshing
  • Changes display of filtered state of files nodes in comparisons
  • Improves diff stat parsing performance and reduced memory usage
  • Disallows comparisons with the working tree on the right-side (left-side still works as expected) and disables swapping
  • Uses VS Code as core.editor in rebase — closes #2084 thanks to PR #2085 by Nafiur Rahman Khadem (@ShafinKhadem)


  • Fixes #2156 – Reduce extension package size
  • Fixes #2136 – Search & Compare quickpick shouldn’t select the mode text when opening
  • Fixes #1896 – Cannot read property ‘fsPath’ of undefined
  • Fixes #1550 – Push button in commit widget does not trigger "Push force" when ALT is pressed.
  • Fixes #1991 – Git lens status bar entry has an incomprehensible accessibility label
  • Fixes #2125 – "git log" command in version 12.x is very slow
  • Fixes #2121 – Typo in GitLens header — thanks to PR #2122 by Chase Knowlden (@ChaseKnowlden)
  • Fixes #2082 – GitLens Home view unreadable in certain themes
  • Fixes #2070 – Quoted HTML / JSX syntax is not escaped correctly
  • Fixes #2069 – Heatmap – incorrect behavior of gitlens.heatmap.fadeLines with gitlens.heatmap.ageThreshold
  • Fixes an issue where choosing "Hide Current Branch Pull Request" from the Commits view overflow menu wouldn’t hide the PR node
  • Fixes an issue where stashes without a message aren’t displayed properly
  • Fixes an issue where the Stashes view empty state isn’t displayed properly when there are no stashes
  • Fixes typos via PR #2086 by stampyzfanz (@stampyzfanz), and PR #2043, PR #2040, PR #2042 by jogo- (@jogo-)
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