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Searching Commits

Learn how to search for commits in GitKraken Client.

Max commits

By default, GitKraken Client displays up to 2000 commits on the graph. To view a deeper history of your repo, set the max number of commits that display on the graph to the number of your liking.

Navigate to Preferences from the hamburger menu in the upper right corner, and find Max Commits in Graph under General. There is no limit to how many commits can be displayed.

You’ll also find option to Show All Commits in Graph for those behemoth projects of yours.

Search bar

The search bar in the upper right of the application defaults to search for commits.

Search commits by message, SHA, or author and watch GitKraken Client update the results live.

Iterating through the search results will take you to the commit in the graph. Consider using the Command Palette to search commits at any time too!

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