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GitKraken Desktop Support Terms and Conditions

Our goal is to ensure you can use GitKraken Desktop effortlessly and with minimal friction. In the unlikely event that you need to reach out to a human, refer to our current Terms and Conditions below.

You can always reach out to us by using the Contact support.

GitKraken Desktop Support

  • Support requests for GitKraken Desktop are to be submitted at Contact Support. Interactions with users submitting tickets are done primarily through emails, though other communication services such as phone calls, screenshare services might be used to deliver Support Services.
  • Support Hours are 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday, Arizona Time (UTC-7) with a response time of 1 (one) business day. While support requests can be submitted by users at any time, responses to requests and interactions with support are provided during Support Hours only.
  • The following product plans are guaranteed support: Pro, Teams and Enterprise. Enterprise encompasses cloud, on-premise server and on-premise serverless plans. This includes any bundle products which contain GitKraken Desktop.
  • GitKraken Desktop is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, see the current supported versions on our how to install page.
  • Best effort support is provided for Students and Education users, we aim to respond quickly and help as much as possible, but we do not have any guaranteed response window.
  • While we try to get to everyone who reaches out, a response is not guaranteed to all users. This includes any users who are free users and any old plans which did not include support, such as the Individual plan which is no longer offered. We encourage all users to engage in our community and utilize our free resources. Additional Resources

Support Period

We will support Generally Available (GA) releases of products. Eligible code fixes and hot fixes are provided via a new release (Z) on top of the latest “Major release” and “minor release” branch. A major release is identified by a change in the first (X), minor release is identified by the second (Y) digit in the following versioning nomenclature: Version X.Y.Z.

As a best practice, we expect customers to stay at the current release in order to receive optimal support. Release updates for customers are provided regularly on the GitKraken Help Center for each GitKraken product. While we will provide troubleshooting assistance to GA products, we might ask customers to upgrade to the current release during the troubleshooting process in order for them to receive functionality enhancements, security updates, and code fixes.


GitKraken will support a Major release for a period of at least 12 (twelve) months from the major release, excluding minor and patch releases (eg version 9.Y.Z will be eligible for support for 12 month period from when the 9.0.x version was released). However, while troubleshooting customer issues, a customer may be asked to upgrade to the current release.

GitKraken’s end-of-life policy provides that GitKraken will provide customers with at least sixty (60) days’ prior notice before discontinuing any product. After the End of Life Period expires, GitKraken will no longer be obligated to provide support services for the terminated software.

End of Life (EoL) process

The decision to retire or deprecate features follows a rigorous process, including understanding the demand, use, impact of feature retirement, and, most importantly, customer feedback. Our goal is to invest resources in areas that will add the most value for the most customers. GitKraken is committed to being clear, transparent, and proactive when interacting with our customers, especially about changes to our products.

To that end, we will do our best to follow these guidelines when retiring functionality:

  • Advance notice: For the EoL of major features or products, we will attempt to notify customers at least 60 (sixty) days in advance.
  • Viable alternatives: GitKraken will strive to provide viable alternatives to our customers when retiring functionality. These may be alternative offerings from GitKraken or recommended alternatives from 3rd party providers. Where possible and appropriate, GitKraken will automatically migrate customers to alternatives for retired functionality.
  • Continued support: GitKraken commits to providing continued support for functionality until its retirement date.

We may need to accelerate the timeline for EoL of functionality in extenuating circumstances, such as essential changes necessary to protect the integrity of our platform or the security of our customers and others. In these cases, it is important that those changes occur as quickly as possible.

Similarly, integrated third-party software or services may need to be retired due to the third-party decision to change or retire their solution. In these situations, the pace of retirement will be out of our control.

However, even under these circumstances, we will provide as much advance notice as possible.

Visit the EULA and Privacy Policy pages for more information.

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