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GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is a service provided by Github, which can help automate your workflow. More specifically, it allows you to add/edit/delete workflows, which are files stored in .github/workflows as part of the GitHub Actions feature.

Because this is a GitHub Beta Feature, you will need to register for the GitHub Actions beta on your GitHub account .

Create Workflow

GitKraken Desktop will allow you to create new workflows from the left panel.

Hovering over GitHub Actions and clicking the button will open the Create Workflow panel. From here you can select from availible workflow templates or create a blank workflow. Workflows will be placed in the .github/workflows folder that GitHub uses (it will create the folder if none exists).

Note: the GitHub Actions section will only appear when working in GitHub repositories

Edit Workflow

You can double click any existing workflow to be taken to view the code, make changes, and save.

Delete Workflow

You can quickly delete workflows by right-clicking on them and selecting Delete-Workflow.

GitHub Actions Documentation

You can find examples and more information on GitHub Actions Documentation page.

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