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GitKraken Desktop uses profiles to store your app preferences, current Tabs, and Git config information.

Create and quickly switch between additional profiles for your different projects and work environments. This requires GitKraken Pro subscription or higher.


The Keep my .gitconfig updated with my profile info option updates your global .gitconfig file with the name and email address of your current profile.

What’s saved in each profile?

The General, Integrations, and UI Preferences settings configured under your Preferences are profile-specific.

Tabs are unique to each profile. When creating a new profile, GitKraken Desktop will use the same tabs that are open in your current profile.

Integrations are unique to each profile. If you need to connect to a second remote hosting account, create a second profile and connect the other account from the Integrations tab. You can do this for any of the integrations.

Changing Avatars

Your commit avatar is either a generated identicon, or the active Gravatar image linked to your .gitconfig email address. If you change your Gravatar, your GitKraken Desktop avatar will update itself.

To change the image, click the profile icon in the top right corner then Manage Profiles .

You can choose from the list of icons available on the left then click . Alternatively, you can set a different email address for this profile if the email address has a different Gravatar image associated to it.

Author initials in graph

GitKraken Desktop lets you replace all commit nodes with the commit author’s initials.

Navigate to Preferences > UI Preferences to enable the setting.

What initials does GitKraken Desktop use?

If you have enabled this UI setting, GitKraken Desktop will reference the original name associated with the commit.

If a commit was made in GitKraken Desktop, the app will list initials from the GitKraken user profile. If a commit was made in the CLI, the app will list initials from the user’s .git/config or global .gitconfig.

Do profiles allow different identity pictures?

As long you have different email addresses with the profiles associated with Gravatar images, then yes! GitKraken Desktop at this time does not allow selection of custom images.

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