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GitKraken Desktop and Jira Issues Integration

GitKraken Desktop makes it easy to integrate with Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center.

The Jira integration is view-only for free users. To unlock all features for the Jira integration, consider upgrading to a paid GitKraken subscription.

Connect Jira Integration

Set up the integration from the ISSUES pane in the left panel or from Preferences Integrations.

You will then be prompted by an Atlassian page to allow GitKraken Desktop to connect to your Jira account. Hit Accept to proceed.

Alternatively, you may copy the token from the Success page and paste it into the Jira Cloud integration page inside GitKraken Desktop.

Preview Jira Issues

Once connected, your Jira issues will start to appear in the left panel. The app will default to a My Issues filter which will show issues assigned to you.

Hover over any issue to get a preview of the issue Title, Description, Status, Assignee, and Reporter.

View Jira Issue Details

Click to select an issue to view the issue details.

Here you may view and edit:

  • Title and Description
  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Add comments

Any changes made here will be reflected in your Jira board.

Create New Jira Issue

From the left panel, click the icon to add a new Jira issue.

Your new issue will automatically sync with your Jira project.

Create Filters

You may create filters to view the issues you need. Atlassian uses JQL syntax for filters, and the integration will help you auto-complete your filter fields.

However for more details about how to write your JQL filters, please refer to the Get started with Advanced Search and JQL guide by Atlassian.

Create Branches from Issue

You may create a branches tied to an issue from the issue details view.

The branch name will automatically prefill based on the issue name. After the branch is created, these branches will be denoted with the Jira icon to reflect its link to a Jira issue.

From here, it should be possible to configure triggers on the Jira side for changes made to this branch.

Copy Issue link or View in Jira

Click the icon to copy the issue link or view the item directly in Jira.

Git Integration for Jira

For even more goodness between GitKraken and Jira, check out our additional integration features with Git Integration for Jira.

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