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Git integration for Jira

GitKraken connects with the Git Integration for Jira app, which provides seamless navigation between GitKraken Git Client and Jira when viewing commit and file diffs related to Jira issues.

How to connect

To use this integration, you first need to:

Open File Diff in Jira from GitKraken

Once connected to a Jira Project, the button will become available from the file diff view.

Open Jira to a commit from GitKraken

Once connected to a Jira Project, right-click on a commit in the graph to access the option to open the commit in your Jira instance.

This provides a quick link for opening Jira with the target commit already in focus.

Open GitKraken from the Git Integration for Jira

It’s easy to dive deeper into your commits and branches. Within the Git Integration for Jira, the commits and diffs will have links to open in GitKraken – just look for Keif !

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