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Hiding and Soloing

The left panel allows you to modify the view of the graph for cleanliness and focus.


Hides the selected branch from the graph.

To hide a branch, mouse over that branch, and you will see the eye icon appear to the left of the branch name; click this to hide. Or perform this task by right-clicking the branch and selecting `Hide`.

Hidden branches will now have a gray eye icon. Clicking this will restore that repo to the graph.


Soloing a branch will hide all other branches which have not been soloed, showing only soloed branches.

To solo a branch, right-click the branch and select `Solo`. This initiates Solo Mode, with soloed branches highlighted in orange and with a solid orange icon to the left of the branch name.

Solo/unsolo additional branches by clicking on the semi-opaque icon to the left of that branch’s name.

Consider hiding/soloing entire remotes if you only need about two remotes, and then hiding everything else.

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