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Deep Linking

Use links to quickly share specific remote repositories, commits, branches, and tags with your teammates to open them in GitKraken Desktop.

Where to grab a link

You can find links in most right-click context menus throughout GitKraken Desktop.

What to do with a link

The link is copied to your clipboard. You can paste anywhere to share with others, for example on a Jira issue or a Slack conversation.

When you have a link shared with you, simply click and away you go!

Additional information:

  • If the link is to a branch, commit, or tag, and the repository is not open, GitKraken Desktop will attempt to open the repository.
  • If you do not have the repository cloned, GitKraken Desktop will ask if you want to clone the repository, take you to the clone modal, and autofill the clone information.
  • If you have multiple copies of a repository on your local machine GitKraken Desktop will prompt you asking which repository you want to open.
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