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GitKraken Desktop and Jira Data Center Issues Integration

GitKraken Desktop makes it easy to integrate with Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center.

The Jira Data Center integration is view-only for free users. To unlock all features for the Jira Data Center integration, consider upgrading to GitKraken Pro .

The Jira Data Center integration requires version 8.4 or newer to function.

Connect Jira Data Center Integration

Set up the integration from the ISSUES pane in the left panel or from Preferences Integrations.

Enter the Host Domain URL and a Personal Access Token generated from Jira Data Center.

With a successful network connection to your Jira Data Center instance, the app will connect.

Note: Some SSO (single sign on) configurations are not supported for the Jira Data Center integration at this time.

Jira Data Center Integration features

Once connected, the Jira Data Center integration shares the same features as the Jira Cloud integration.

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