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Keyboard Shortcuts

We know keyboard shortcuts help get things done faster, and here’s a handy list of the shortcuts currently supported by GitKraken Desktop.

Open list of keyboard shortcuts

  Mac Windows/Linux
Open keyboard shortcuts / Ctrl/

Repo actions

Mac Windows/Linux
Create branch B CtrlB
Fetch all L CtrlL
Stage the current file S S
Stage all files ShiftS CtrlShiftS
Unstage the current file U U
Unstage all files ShiftU CtrlShiftU
Commit staged files with current message Enter CtrlEnter
Stage all files and commit with current message ShiftEnter CtrlShiftEnter
Focus commit message box ShiftM CtrlShiftM


  Mac Windows/Linux
Select previous item J or J or
Select next item K or K or
Select the item to the right L or L or
Select the item to the left H or H or
Select next item in branch Shift
Select previous item in branch Shift
Select first commit in graph CtrlHOME
Select last commit in graph CtrlEND
Undo Z CtrlZ
Redo Y

Command Palette

  Mac Windows/Linux
Toggle Command Palette P CtrlP
Search commits F CtrlF
Open repo via Command Palette ShiftO CtrlShiftO
Search file to view history and blame ShiftH CtrlShiftH
Focus the left panel filter bar OptionF CtrlAltF
Open current repo in terminal OptionT AltT
Open current repo in File Manager AltO AltO
Open diff or merge tool D CtrlD
Close current repo W CtrlW
Search within file (if file content has focus) F CtrlF


  Mac Windows/Linux
Toggle Fullscreen Mode ControlF CtrlShiftF
Increase Zoom =
Decrease Zoom Ctrl
Reset zoom 0 Ctrl0
Toggle the left panel J CtrlJ
Toggle the Commit Details panel K CtrlK
Focus the search bar F CtrlF
Focus the left panel filter bar OptionF CtrlAltF
Close the current panel (if one is open) Esc Esc


  Mac Windows/Linux
New Tab CmdT CtrlT
Close Tab CmdW CtrlW
Swap to Tab #1-9 #1-9 Ctrl#1-9
Jump to next open tab Tab CtrlTab
Jump to previous open tab ShiftTab CtrlShiftTab
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