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GitKraken On-Premise Serverless

GitKraken Desktop On-Premise Serverless (also known as GitKraken Stand-Alone or simply GitKraken Serverless) is built for teams and enterprises who work in a disconnected development environment. You get most of the same core GitKraken features, along with these additional benefits:

  • For use without internet
  • No account creation required
  • No server installation

Looking to get started with GitKraken Serverless? Email [email protected] for a trial key.

How to install GitKraken Serverless

There are 3 steps to installing GitKraken Serverless

  1. Download GitKraken Serverless
  2. Install GitKraken Serverless
  3. Load .dat license file

1. Download GitKraken Serverless

The GitKraken Serverless Clients are available on our downloads page.

If you are unable to access this page, please contact your GitKraken administrator for GitKraken Serverless client downloads. There is a high probability they have made the files available in a different, internal location.

2. Install GitKraken Serverless

Once you download the client, double click the file to install the GitKraken Serverless Client on your machine.

Below are platform-specific details on minimum requirements.

Windows (.exe file)

  • System requirements: Windows 10+

Install Instructions

Double-click the downloaded executable file, and follow the installation instructions.

Data Location

GitKraken data is stored within your home profile in C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming or %APPDATA%\.gitkraken on older versions. No data is stored outside of the user’s machine or remote services (GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, etc).

Mac OS (.dmg file)

  • System requirements:
    • Intel: MacOS 10.15+
    • Apple Silicon: MacOS 11+

Install Instructions

Double click the downloaded DMG file and when prompted, drag and drop the GitKraken icon to your Applications folder.

Data Location

GitKraken data is stored in /Users/{user}/.gitkraken == ~/.gitkraken. No data is stored outside of user’s machine or remote services (GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, etc).

Linux (.deb and .tar.gz files)

  • System requirements: Ubuntu LTS 18.04 or later


GitKraken has a simple package available for Debian based distributions.

dpkg -i gitkraken-amd64.deb


tar -xvzf gitkraken-amd64.tar.gz

Data Location

GitKraken data is stored in /home/{user}/.gitkraken == ~/.gitkraken. No data is stored outside of user’s machine or remote services (GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, etc).

3. Load license file

When you first open GitKraken Serverless Client, you will be prompted to load the .dat license file.

If you do not have the license, please contact your GitKraken administrator. If you are the GitKraken administrator, you can find your license file on If you have an older account or you need assistance locating your license file, contact us.

Once the license file is applied, you are ready to get crackin’!

License.dat Location

You can also place your license file into specific directory locations for GitKraken to check. Here are all of the locations GitKraken Desktop will look:


  • /usr/local/share/gitkraken

  • /usr/share/gitkraken

  • directory above the application

  • directory of the application

  • ~/.gitkraken


  • C:\ProgramData\GitKraken

  • directory above the exe

  • directory of the exe

  • %APPDATA%\.gitkraken

Updating License file

If your license has expired, you can replace your license file in one of the above mentioned locations or manually provide your new license file. To manually update the file in the client, select the text Licensed to [Your Organization] for [number] users in the bottom left and then select Update License.

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