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Date Format

Mac and Linux

GitKraken Client will automatically adopt your system’s date format if you are using Mac or Linux. This is based on your operating system’s language.

In some cases on Linux, defining the LANG variable will not be enough for GitKraken Client to detect the correct language setting. You will instead need to define the LANGUAGE variable.


If GitKraken Client is not recognizing your Windows system’s date format, please verify whether the correct language package is installed on your machine.

First, check that your system’s date, time, or number formats is set to Match Windows display language by navigating to Control Panel > Change date, time, or number formats > Format:

Once this is configured, navigate to Settings > Time & language:

Now select Region & language:

Next, select Add a language and select the language you wish your system to be configured to:

Once you have picked your language, select it under the Region & language window and choose Options.

On the next screen, click Download under Download language pack. When the download finishes, navigate back to the Region & language window and select the Select as default option.

GitKraken Client will now use your system’s date format 🎉

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