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The Git Integration for Jira app currently supports Jira 8.12 to 9.12!

We are committed to provide you with an efficient and reliable support. Scroll down to see helpful tips to get started.

Jira Server platform end of life support

Atlassian’s end of life support for the Jira Server platform is slated for February 15, 2024. Plan ahead on migrating your Jira Server to Cloud or Data Center starting now.

This process is simple and manageable:

  • Before you migrate, upgrade Git Integration for Jira app to the latest version.
  • Back your data for migration.
  • Plan your migration path.

See the following topics from Atlassian for migration:

Browser Compatibility

Atlassian has released mobile app versions of their Jira software.

The Git Integration for Jira Cloud app supports the desktop browsers that Atlassian supports for Jira Cloud. However, mobile browsers are not officially supported. This means that the desktop version of Git Integration for Jira Cloud app will not work using Android or iOS web browsers.

For more information, see Atlassian Jira Cloud Supported Browsers.

Quick Installation Video

Right click here to open this video in a new browser tab for more viewing options.

No changes necessary to your Git server. This Jira app acts as a regular Git client.

Using Atlassian’s marketplace system, a Jira administrator can install the Git Integration for Jira app without ever leaving the web browser.

Viewing Reindex Logs

Go to the Manage Git Repositories page, click the Actions icon then View Log to view the indexing logs.

If there is an error encountered when connecting to a repository, a similar indexing error log will be displayed:

Atlassian Support End of Life

Important changes to Atlassian server and Data Center products
Atlassian is making changes to the server and Data Center products, including the end of sale for new server licenses on February 2, 2021 and the end of support for server on February 2, 2024. Learn what this means for you.

Starting v2.13.0+, we are dropping support for Java 7, Jira 6.3 and 6.4.

Starting v3.5.1+, support for Internet Explorer 11 browser is dropped.

The table below shows the Jira Version, when Atlassian will stop supporting that Jira version and the corresponding version of Internet Explorer.

Jira Version Jira End of Life Date Oldest IE Supported Git Integration for Jira supported?
7.13 November 28, 2020 Edge Yes*
8.0 February 11, 2021 Edge Yes*
8.1 April 4, 2021 Edge Yes*
8.2 May 21, 2021 Edge Yes*
8.3 July 22, 2021 Edge Yes*
8.4 Sep 09, 2021 Edge Yes*
8.5 October 21, 2021 Edge Yes*
8.6 December 17, 2021 Edge Yes*
8.7 February 3, 2022 Edge Yes*
8.8 March 19, 2022 Edge Yes*
8.9 May 20, 2022 Edge Yes*
8.10 June 23, 2022 Edge Yes*
8.11 July 15, 2022 Edge Yes*
8.12 August 26, 2022 Edge Yes*
8.13 October 8, 2022 Edge Yes*
8.14 November 23, 2022 Edge Yes*
8.15 February 2, 2023 Edge Yes*
8.16 March 23, 2023 Edge Yes*
8.17 May 18, 2023 Edge Yes*
8.18 July 1, 2023 Edge Yes*
8.19 August 26, 2023 Edge Yes*
8.20 October 19, 2023 Edge Yes*
8.21 December 9, 2023 Edge Yes*
8.22 February 16, 2024 Edge Yes*
9.0 June 21, 2024 Edge Yes*
9.1 July 21, 2024 Edge Yes*
9.2 August 25, 2024 Edge Yes*
9.3 September 29, 2024 Edge Yes*
9.4 November 15, 2024 Edge Yes*
9.5 December 6, 2024 Edge Yes*
9.6 January 24, 2025 Edge Yes*
9.7 March 20, 2025 Edge Yes*
9.8 April 25, 2025 Edge Yes*
9.9 June 02, 2025 Edge Yes*
9.10 July 11, 2025 Edge Yes*
9.11 August 30, 2025 Edge Yes*
9.12 NOvember 29, 2025 Edge Yes*

* See information below about retiring IE11 support.

Retiring IE11 Support

With the release of the Edge browser since 2015, IE has not been receiving major updates. Atlassian has stated in their blog that they will withdraw support for IE11 on all Jira products.

In view of this, BigBrassBand LLC will also follow this decision effectively:

  • For all Atlassian Cloud products, support will end on 31 March 2020.

  • For Atlassian server and data center products, the last version to support IE11 will be released between September 2019 and March 2020.


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