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Jira Development Information

The View Development Tools permission only applies to Jira Company-managed projects. Team-managed projects don’t allow to modify the permission.

Only newly added commits, branches and pull requests will be uploaded to Jira Cloud when enabling the Send Development Information to Jira Cloud setting. If you wish to upload the entire history of an integration or repository – remove the integration/repository and then add the integration/repository back.


What is Jira Development Information?

Jira Development Information is a suite of new features available in Jira Software on the Cloud platform that puts commits, branches, and pull requests in context of Jira issue.


How does Jira Development Information work?

The Git Integration for Jira and Dev Info for Jira apps can be configured to “push” development information (commits, branches, and pull requests) directly into your Jira Cloud instance. Once the data is stored by Jira Cloud – the commits, branches, and pull requests can be displayed by Atlassian in a variety of locations within Jira Cloud. This data additionally enables a new of new features.


Who can see Jira Development Information?

  • Jira users with the View development tools Jira permission for a given Jira project can.

  • Jira administrators can verify a user’s permissions using the Permission Helper.

The View developer tools permission is required to view the Jira Development Information. Jira users must also have the Browse Project permissions to a project associated with a repository to view.

Note that the Project Permissions feature in the Git Integration for Jira and Dev Info for Jira app does not apply to Jira Development Information. All users with View Development Tools permission can access Jira Development Information.

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How can a Jira administrator enable or disable Jira Development Information?

Install the Git Integration for Jira or the Dev Info for Jira app.

  1. Navigate to the General settings page of the application ( Jira Settings ➜ Apps ➜ (sidebar) General settings).

  2. Enable or disable the setting: Send Development Information to Jira Cloud.

  3. Click Update button.

See Jira Development Information general settings to learn more about smart commits and other settings.


What other features are enabled by Jira Development Information?

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