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Feature matrix of Git Integration for Jira Cloud

See also Feature Comparison for information on features and differences between Git Integration for Server/Data Center versus Git Integration for Jira Cloud.

The Git Integration for Jira Cloud app offers a variety of integration options and features. The below matrix explains which features are offered when using a specific type of integration. For any questions, contact BigBrassBand Support.

Git service integrations

[Classic full feature integrations]

Single git repository integrations

[Limited feature connect]

Webhook indexing integrations

[Limited feature connect]

Works with git servers behind firewall
View commits, branches, pull/merge requests in Jira   Commits and branches

  Pull/merge requests

Pull / Merge Request Reviewers and Approvals Shown in Jira   Pull/merge requests   GitHub

  Azure DevOps, VSTS, TFS


View git tags in Jira COMING SOON
Support for Automation for Jira + Smart Commits
Repository Browser
Create branches and pull requests in Jira
Support for large # of commits in git pushes
GitLab   Max of 20 commits per push
Azure DevOps, VSTS, TFS   Max of 25 commits per push
Indexing full repository history
View source code in Jira
Easily connect many repositories   Each repository must be configured by a Jira administrator   Webhook indexing can be configured at organization / server / group level.
Authentication HTTPS, HTTP, OAuth (, Azure DevOps and VSTS) HTTPS, HTTP, SSH Secret protected URL
Connect any git repository   Classic integrations currently include: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, AWS CodeCommit, Azure DevOps, VSTS, TFS and Gerrit.   Webhook indexing currently supports: GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, VSTS, and TFS.
Indexing triggers Indexing triggers are not necessary.
For more information about the different types of integrations:

If you have questions or need additional support – contact BigBrassBand Support.

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