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Git Commits tab

The Git Commits tab shows commit information such as commit authors, date of commit, commit messages, access to view code diffs, commit id and view full commit.

Open an issue then go to the Git Commits tab to view commit information:

Pointer Information Description
(blue star) Repository/Indexed Name of the repository (as in app config) and date of last synchronization with remote repository.
(blue star) Author/Committer User who performed the commit. Hover the mouse pointer on the name to view user card.
(blue star) Issue key/Commit message This is the Jira issue with the corresponding commit message.
(blue star) Repository name/Branch This is the name of the repository and the branch where the commit has been made.
(blue star) Commit UID UID of the commit and git host link. Click the UID to view the code diffs for this commit. Click the git host link to view this commit via the git host server.
(blue star) Commit counter indicators Git commit traffic light example

The traffic light indicator shows the added/modified/deleted lines from the file code diffs.

(blue star) Open in GitKraken Opens this commit in the GitKraken git client app.
(blue star) View full commit Click the View Full Commit button to view the full code diff for the selected commit.
(blue star) Files changed List of files affected by the commit. Click the file or git host link to view code diff of this commit.
(blue star) Web links These are clickable web links that will open the selected file code diff directly to git host service portal in a new browser window/tab.

View the whole commit code diff information by clicking the View full commit button to the right of the commit message.

View code diff information of the particular file by clicking the filename for each file adjacent to the rollup counter markers.

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