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BigBrassBand Acquisition Info & FAQs

BigBrassBand has been acquired by GitKraken, maker of Git collaboration tools for development teams.  GitKraken is the world’s most popular graphical user interface for Git, helping over 2.5 million developers in 75,000 companies worldwide develop code faster by making Git easier, safer, and more powerful. This acquisition brings together over 6 million Git users worldwide, and is an exciting move for developers and DevOps teams centered around Git. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the acquisition happening?  Why GitKraken (formerly Axosoft)?

Answer: As BigBrassBand’s customer base has grown to over 10,000+ customers worldwide, teams now rely more than ever on Git productivity to deliver services and applications. GitKraken is the favored Git desktop client among developers, with over 2.5M users globally. By joining GitKraken, teams using Git and Jira in their DevOps workflows will now have the option to transition between multiple developer workspaces with access to all the Git repo information and actions they need in whichever context they’re working in.

Git Integration for Jira (GIJ) seamlessly combines Git data and workflows into a Jira team’s project and issue-oriented context while GitKraken presents Jira issues and projects to developers in a highly visual developer-oriented Git environment. Together the two products will improve how teams interact with Git. BigBrassBand will continue to invest in the Atlassian Marketplace to bring the best-selling Git integration for Jira product to thousands of software development teams by investing in additional capabilities, performance, reliability, and security.

  • When was this announced?

Answer: September 21, 2021.

  • What’s next for BigBrassBand and current customers of Git Integration for Jira?

Answer: The BigBrassBand team is excited to join the GitKraken team and will remain focused on supporting our Git Integration for Jira customers. The Git Integration for Jira team at GitKraken is fully committed to the Jira platform and making significant investments in the product and features for Jira and Git users.  We also now have an exciting opportunity to grow the Git Integration for Jira service beyond the current Git data to surface even more relevant DevOps data and collaboration capabilities. Lots of exciting new capabilities are now planned. 

  • What is changing?

Answer: First and foremost we plan to continue to deliver the absolute best Git/Jira integration solution in the market that has made Git Integration for Jira one of the most popular Jira extensions in use today.  We also plan to use the additional resources and expertise at GitKraken to develop and execute an exciting roadmap of value-driven features that will drive accelerated growth for the GIJ product. For example, today we are announcing the ability to deep link from Git Integration for Jira to GitKraken (and the other direction as well). In time, we’ll add other Git/Jira user collaboration features and continue to deliver on the core functionality of integrating Git with Jira.

  • Is my Atlassian Markeptlace license going to change?

Answer: BigBrassBand customers will continue to manage app subscriptions and licenses through the Atlassian Marketplace or your preferred Atlassian Solutions Partner.  

  • What’s next for BigBrassBand’s Atlassian Solution Partners?

Answer: As part of GitKraken, the BigBrassBand team will continue to collaborate with Atlassian Solution Partners in selling the Git Integration for Jira app on Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center and Jira Server. Solutions Partners remain a growth opportunity for the Git Integration for Jira app, and are considered a key enabler for our strategy to drive growth through the standard reselling agreements in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Additionally, we’re interested in talking with Solutions Partners who are interested to offer GitKraken client site licenses in their Atlassian based DevOps solutions. GitKraken is the leading Git productivity desktop client for all Git Hosting platforms, helping developers, testers, and project managers work with, visualize, and navigate their Git Repositories and Git workflows easily, safely, and collaboratively. GitKraken tightly integrates with both Jira and Git Integration for Jira, making GitKraken a natural compliment to every Jira based DevOps solution stack. To inquire about selling GitKraken products, contact [email protected]

About GitKraken

GitKraken is a US-based software company with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Alicante, Spain. GitKraken is a leading provider of Git productivity and collaboration solutions for Agile DevOps teams used by 2.5 million developers at 75,000 companies worldwide. The company was founded in 2002 and bootstrapped until 2020 when it took on a strategic equity investment from Resurgens Technology Partners, a software-focused private equity firm.

Read the GitKraken blog announcement here

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