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Using Smart Commits

Smart Commits enable users to perform actions on Jira issues from a single commit. In a commit message, enter the issue key and some desired action such as resolving an issue, closing an issue, time tracking or all of them.

For example, if a user wants to log specified time with worklog comment, adds a comment, and resolve the issue TEST-100, enter the commit message as follows:

TEST-100 #time 2h 30m Fixed code #comment Merge to master #resolve

Enable/disable this feature via:

  • Connect to Git repository wizard (first screen)

  • Manage Git repositories ➜Actions ➜ Edit repository settings ➜ Smart Commits and Workflow Triggers

  • Manage Git repositories ➜Actions ➜ Show integration repositories ➜ click a repository ➜ Smart Commits and Workflow Triggers

See our Smart Commits Overview to learn further about syntax and structure; then follow the link at the bottom of that page to learn more information on advanced syntax.

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