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Reconnecting Azure DevOps and VSTS OAuth integrations

On March 2, 2022, all OAuth integrations between Git Integration for Jira and Azure DevOps and VSTS were interrupted. Our investigation found that Microsoft OAuth apps’ client secrets expire after 5 years. This limitation has a single workaround and that is for all customers to reconnect. We apologize for this inconvenience and interruption in service. Below are steps to reconnect.

Workaround: Reconnecting Azure DevOps and VSTS OAuth


  1. Jira administrator permissions

  2. Azure DevOps / VSTS account or service account.


  1. Visit the Manage Git repositories screen in the Git Integration for Jira app

  2. Click on the integration name

  3. Click on Reconnect

  4. Login to Azure DevOps / VSTS with the account you wish to associate with Git Integration for Jira.


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