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Generating SSH Keys

Configure and generate SSH keys for the following git hosting systems by following the reference links on each sub-section:

For MacOS, see Working with Git on MacOS.

For Windows, see Working with Git on Windows.

* For Linux, see Working with Git on Linux.

For MacOS/Linux, see Setting up SSH for Git on MacOS/Linux.

For Windows, see Set up SSH for Git on Windows.

The Git Integration for Jira app supports Gerrit web linking.

For information about Gerrit software, see Gerrit Software Wiki and Gerrit at Code Review.

For general reference and installation, see Gerrit documentationUbuntu installation and fixing registration error.

For information on SSH on Gerrit, see SSH and Gerrit.

For details on User Change-IDs, see Change-IDs in Gerrit.

For information about Gitblit, see GitBlit official website.

For general reference and installation, see GitBlit ConfigurationUsing HTTP/HTTPS Transport and Built-in Authentication.

For information on SSH on GitBlit, see GitBlit: Using the SSH Transport.

For GitBlit related FAQ, see GitBlit Frequently Asked Questions.

Check for existing SSH keys before you proceed to generate new keys.

See GitHub supported platforms for generating SSH keys by following this article.

See reference, Installing Git for MacOS/Windows/Linux.

For creating SSH keys, see Generating SSH Public Key. Also see the video demonstration here.

GitLab CE/EE
Follow the above GitLab references for GitLab CE/EE. Then verify that your GitLab server should have the following SSH settings:

Enabled Git access protocols — Both SSH and HTTP(s)

RSA SSH keys — Are allowed

Other SSH key formats may be supported by Git Integration for Jira app, but prefer to use RSA format for your SSH git connections.

See reference, Installing Git for MacOS/Windows/Linux.

For creating SSH keys, see Connecting to GitHub with SSH.

For full reference and installation, see All About Gitolite.

For information on SSH on Gitolite, see SSH and Gitolite.

* For details on user key management, see Managing User Keys in Gitolite.

VSTS/TFS/Azure DevOps/Azure Repos
The SSH support starts with TFS 2013 and later versions.

For information about TFS/Azure DevOps Server, see MS Team Foundation Server.

For general reference and terms, see Git Experience Futures.

Users can use HTTPS or SSH to securely connect to git repositories. HTTPS connections will require the user’s login credentials, while SSH connections will require SSH keys.

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