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Git Integration Server/Data Center vs Jira Cloud – Feature Comparison

See also Feature matrix of Git Integration for Jira Cloud on which features are offered when using a specific type of integration.

We publish roadmaps for Jira Cloud and Jira Server + Data Center. If you have questions about specific differences between Jira Server + Data Center and Jira Cloud – contact us through our support desk.


Features Git Integration for Jira Server and
Git Integration for Jira Data Center
Git Integration for Jira Cloud
Reindexing Jira administrator controlled Automatic
Automatic workflow triggers * (blue star) (blue star) *
Disable indexing (blue star) (blue star)
* Individual repositories (blue star) (blue star)
* Individual integrations (blue star) (blue star)


Manual reindexing of all integrations/repositories
* Individual repositories (if configured as plain git) (blue star) (blue star)
* Individual integrations (blue star) (blue star)
* All repositories + integrations (blue star) (blue star)

Repository Browser

Repository Browser
* Browse (blue star) (blue star)
* Commits (blue star) (blue star)
* Compare (blue star) (blue star)
Connecting git to Jira – any git repository (HTTPS/SSH) (blue star) (blue star)
Full feature integrations 1
* (blue star) (blue star)
* GitHub Enterprise (self-hosted) 1 (blue star) (blue star)
* (blue star) (blue star)
* GitLab CE/EE (self-hosted) 1 (blue star) (blue star)
* Bitbucket Cloud (blue star) (blue star)

Azure DevOps Repos (Cloud)

Azure DevOps Server (self-hosted) 1

Team Foundation Server (self-hosted) 1

* Visual Studio Team Services (Cloud)

(blue star) (blue star)
* AWS CodeCommit (blue star) (blue star)
* Tracked Folders (local folders) (blue star) (blue star)
* Gerrit (blue star) (blue star)
Bulk Change (Import/Export) (blue star) (blue star)
Disable individual repositories/integrations (blue star) (blue star)
Dedicated SSH keys page (blue star) (blue star)
General Settings page
* Git Roll Up Issue Tab (project selector) (blue star) (blue star)
* Git Commits Issue and Project Tabs (project selector) (blue star) (blue star) (no project selector)
* Allow new commits to change Last Updated field (blue star) (blue star)
* Show Git Integration side panel (blue star) (blue star)
* Calculate and show Git tags in side panel (blue star) (blue star)
* Enable JQL searching (blue star) (blue star)
* Show Git commits in Activity Stream (blue star) (blue star)
* Enable branch create/delete (blue star) (blue star)
* Enable pull/merge request creation (blue star) (blue star)
* Branch name template (blue star) (blue star)
* Branch Name Templates Separator (blue star) (blue star)
* Max Branch Name Length (blue star) (blue star)
* Email Settings (blue star) (blue star)
* Repository Reindex interval (blue star) (blue star)
* Max Open Pack Files Count (blue star) (blue star)
* Garbage Collection (blue star) (blue star)
* Diff settings (blue star) (blue star)
* File encoding (blue star) (blue star)
* Discard cloned files from Jira home directory (blue star) (blue star)
* Git operations timeout (blue star) (blue star)
* Show View all repositories page (blue star) (blue star)
* Send Development Information to Jira Cloud (blue star) (blue star)
* Jira Cloud Smart Commits & Workflow Triggers (blue star) (blue star)
* Enable Git Integration Smart Commits (blue star) (blue star)
* Scheduled jobs (blue star) (blue star)
* Audit log settings (blue star) (blue star)
Activity Stream 2 (blue star) (blue star)
JQL 3 (blue star) (blue star) *


* Reindex all repositories (blue star) (blue star)
* Reindex integrations (blue star) (blue star)
* Reindex repositories (blue star) (blue star)
* Parse webhook payload from GitHub, GitLab (blue star) (blue star)
* Webhook log viewer (blue star) (blue star)
REST API (Reindex, Bulk Change, Repositories, Commits, Branches, Tags etc.) (blue star) (blue star) (in backlog)
Git Commit issue tab (show commits, code diff, and weblinks to git service) (blue star) (blue star)
Git Roll Up issue tab
* Commit summary (blue star) (blue star)
* Commit statistics (blue star) (blue star)
* Issue-wide diff (blue star) (blue star)
* Issue related to all commits (blue star) (blue star)
Issue sidebar (developer panel)
* Number of commits (blue star) (blue star)
* Branches (List associated branches, create branches+, delete branches) (blue star) +(+ Gerrit) (blue star) +( Gerrit)
* Pull/merge requests (List associated PR/MR, create PR/MR etc) (blue star) (blue star)
* Pull/merge requests (Include link to Jira issue in new PRs/MRs) (blue star) (GIT-3687) (blue star)
* Tags (Display associated tags via commit) (blue star) (blue star)
Integrates with Jira Agile (blue star) (blue star)
Smart Commits
* #time, #comment, #transition, #label (blue star) (blue star)
* #assign, #fixversion, #affectsversion (blue star) (blue star)
Commit Email notifications 4 (blue star) (blue star)
Localization support (English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese language translations) (blue star) (blue star) (in backlog)
Project Permissions 5 (Associate repositories + integrations with all or specific Jira projects) (blue star) (blue star)
Commit associations
* Commit messages (blue star) (blue star)
* Manual associations in app (blue star) (blue star)
* Git Notes (blue star) (blue star)
View Code Diffs in Jira 6 (blue star) (blue star)
Code expanders to see context of changes in diff screen (blue star) (blue star)

* Requires Jira Development Information to be enabled in the General settings.

1 See information for self-hosted git servers in Jira Cloud below:

When connecting a self-hosted git server to Git Integration for Jira Cloud, the git server must have a publicly addressable + route-able address. For example,,, and other services hosted on the “public cloud” work without any administrator interventions.

For more information, see Whitelist BigBrassBand Cloud.

2 No support on Jira Cloud for third-party publishing to Jira Activity Stream.

3 See JQL examples below:

Git Integration for Jira Server / Jira Data Center

  • gitCommitsReferenced is not empty

  • gitCommitsReferenced is empty

  • gitBranch in (Version-5.2, Version-5.3)

Git Integration for Jira Cloud

  • development[commits].all > 15

  • development[pullrequests].open > 0

4 GIT INTEGRATION: JIRA CLOUD Smart commit email notifications will fail when using Jira Development Information.

5 GIT INTEGRATION: JIRA CLOUD Jira Development Information is not controlled by Project Permissions.

6 See notes below:

Git Integration for Jira Server | Git Integration for Jira Data Center
Jira administrators have the option to disable this feature.

Git Integration for Jira Cloud
There is no setting to disable this feature.

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