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Introduction to Git integration

Covers release: May 10th 2023

Learn basic integration for most git hosts by connecting git repositories to Jira Cloud. This page contains simple

The Git Integration for Jira Cloud app offers three (3) types of integrations:

Git service integration (recommended)

The Git service integration (formerly auto-connect/full feature integration) allows administrators to setup multiple repositories for integration with Jira. This is the recommended way and offers features not found in other integration types. If you are behind a firewall, you need to whitelist the app to get it to work.

Webhook indexing integration (special cases)

The Webhook indexing integration allows administrators to integrate multiple repositories behind a firewall. However, this type of integration does not support creating branches or pull/merge request inside Jira.

Single repository integration (plain git)

The Single repository integration setup is ideal for users who are using SSH connections or only connect a single specific repository.


Getting started

Integration basics checklist:

  • Connect multiple or single git repositories to Jira;
  • Find out how to associate git commits to a Jira issue(s);
  • Know more about smart commits;
  • Learn how to create branch/pull/merge request inside Jira via the developer panel; and
  • NEW! Post integration: Perform administrator toolbox tasks to discover helpful features and improve your Jira + Git experience.

Integration setup

Connect your git repositories via Add integration (AppsGit integration: Manage integrationsAdd integration). Start by following the steps for your favorite git host service:

Git service integration

Webhook indexing integration

Single repository integration

Setup next features to improve Git user experience



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