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Why don’t I see commits? (Git Integration for Cloud)

> Check if Git Integration for Jira app is installed, licensed and active


  1. Follow the link to install from the Atlassian Marketplace. You can verify that the Git Integration for Jira Cloud app is installed by visiting   Jira Settings ➜ Apps ➜ Manage apps.

  2. Verify that the license is valid and that the application is active (installed, subscription is active).

Git Integration for Jira Cloud is installed, licensed and active

> Check if user has “Development Tools” permission


Using the Permission Helper within Jira Cloud – verify that the user in question has the Development Tools permission.

The Permission Helper is available to Jira admins:   Jira settings ➜ System ➜ Permission Helper.

Right click here to open this video in a new browser tab for more viewing options.

Permissions are correct

> Check if repository with commit is connected to Jira


A couple ways to do this:

  • Via repotories in Manage Repositories page

  • Via Repository Browser (shows the list of all the repositories that are connected in one list)

The repository with the missing commit is connected

> Check if repository has been reindexed since commit


Reindexing integrations (or repositories) manually. Note: all repositories are updated regularly without any manual updating required.

Approximately every 8-15 minutes.

Admins can setup webhooks to index commits immediately

The repository has indexed since the commit was pushed

> Check if repository is associated with Jira project


It allows an admin to associate an integration (and all the repositories) or just a single repository to a set of Jira projects (one, many, or all).

Go to Manage integrations page.

On selected integration/repository, click on   Actions ➜ Edit integration.

Scroll down to Project Permissions.

Set project associations to the current integration/repository on the provided box.

Check Associate all projects — if you want the repository to be associated with all Jira projects.

The Jira project is associated with the repository

> Check if commit has a valid Jira issue key

The association between Jira issues and commits is created by adding the Jira issue key (ABC-123 or MAIN-345) in the commit message.

Example commit messages:

ABC-123 added a bug fix

MAIN-345 adding important new feature.

Valid Jira issue key examples are shown in the following screenshot:

GitLab showing an actual commit and the commit message:

Check the video for more instructions:

Right click here to open this video in a new browser tab for more viewing options.

Commit has a valid Jira issue key

> Try to find indexed commit in Jira Cloud

The commit may be indexed by Jira Cloud – but not associated with any Jira issues. You can verify this with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Repository browser.

  2. Find the repository and then the indexed commit (may need to select the branch).

  3. If you find the commit – you can then fix commit association by clicking on Change.

Commit is indexed

> Try to find indexed commit in Jira Cloud

Check if commit is showing now

Where you can see commits:

  • New Jira issue view

I still do not see my commits

Contact [email protected] by email or via the GIJ Cloud Support Portal.

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