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Automatic Workflow Triggers

Use your development activity to make automatic changes in your Jira project workflows. For example:

  • you can configure your Jira workflow to automatically send a Jira issue to IN REVIEW status when a pull request is pushed and associated with the issue, or

  • you can send a Jira issue to IN PROGRESS when a commit is pushed and associated with a Jira issue.

Available triggers through the Git Integration for Jira and Dev Info for Jira apps:

  • Commit created
  • Branch created
  • Pull request created
  • Pull request merged
  • Pull request declined (closed)
  • Pull request reopened

To configure automatic workflow triggers for your project:

  1. Go to Project settings.

  2. Select Workflow on the sidebar.

  3. Click Edit on the Actions column.

  4. Click Text to display the Diagram in text mode.

  5. Under Transitions column, click a transition item.

  6. Click Add trigger. The Add trigger dialog is displayed.

  7. Click Commit created.

  8. Click Add trigger. This trigger will automatically transition the issue when a related commit is made in a connected repository.

  9. Click Publish Draft. This action will publish the currently edited workflow. Create a backup or set it to No then click Publish.

The automatic workflow trigger is now configured. You can also view this entire process by watching the demo video below.

Demo video: Configuring Automatic Workflow Trigger

Right click here to open this video in a new browser tab for more viewing options.

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