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Git URL Ports

If your Git servers are running through a firewall, configure the firewall to allow access using the URL schemes for git repositories. For authentication issues, make sure to check first the correct port for its connection.

Below are the default ports for common git URL protocols:

Protocol Default Port
ssh:// port 22
git:// port 9418
http:// port 80
https:// port 443

Test git connection and repository URL by doing the following:

  1. Install git client (or run sudo apt-get install git)

  2. Place your ssh key into ~/.ssh

  3. Clone the repository (or run git clone <your_repository_url>)

The Git Integration for Jira app will run successfully if the above connection test ran without errors.

For detailed information on whitelisting your Git server, see Allow list (whitelist) BigBrassBand Cloud.

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