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Git Integration for Jira Cloud Documentation

Send development information to Jira Cloud setting

These settings are part of the General Settings configuration page for Git Integration for Jira Cloud under Jira Development Information settings.


Enable/disable this setting to send new commit/branch/pull request data to Jira Cloud where it is processed and made available in a variety of views and features.

Default settings
This setting is enabled in Git Integration for Jira Cloud app by default.
This setting is turned off by default in Dev Info for Jira Cloud app.

Only newly added commits, branches and pull requests will be uploaded to Jira Cloud when enabling this setting. To upload the entire history of an integration or repository, remove the integration/repository and then add the integration/repository back.

The View Development Tools permission only applies to Jira Company-managed projects. Team-managed projects don’t allow any modifications to the permission.

For more details, see Features: Send Development Information (Jira Cloud).

Turning this setting to ON automatically disables the Enable Git Integration app Smart Commits setting.

After all the settings have been configured according to your requirements, click Update to apply the changes.

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