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Trusted Users


Trusted users are users that are able to invite other users and have administrative permissions. They can see all pages of the Git Integration app. Once a user is assigned the Trusted role, adding this user to the jira-administrators group will not change the access to the Git Integration for Jira Cloud app because the Trusted role is considered to be a Jira administrator.

Jira administrators can grant certain users the Trusted role via invite and then later on can change the role according to your organization rules.

Inviting a User and Assigning a Role

On your Jira dashboard, go to Jira Administration ➜ User Management.

Jira Cloud menu Administration accessing User Management

On the following screen, click Invite Users.

Jira user management screen

The next screen is displayed.

Invite users screen selecting the Trusted role

  • Enter a user’s email address or several email addresses of the users to be assigned with the role.

  • Under the Role dropdown, choose Trusted.

  • Click Invite # user(s) to complete this setup.

Changing the Role of a User

Go to Jira Administration ➜ User Management.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the list of users.

Click Show details or click then Show details. The next screen is displayed.

Click the Role dropdown then select Trusted. The role is automatically applied once granted.

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