October 11-13, 2022

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Git Integration for Jira Cloud Documentation

Connecting to a Single Git Repository (SSH)

This process requires an existing git host repository. Obtain the SSH git clone URL from the repository home of your git host service. The figure below is an example from GitHub:

To connect a git repository to Jira via the Git Integration for Jira app:

  1. On your Jira dashboard menu, go to Apps ➜ Git Integration: Manage integrations.

  2. On the Manage integrations page, click Add integration.

  3. On the following screen, click on the Single git repository integration panel for your integration type.

  4. The following screen is displayed.

    • For the Host URL, enter the SSH repository git clone URL. Initially, this URL can be obtained from the repository’s project page. Configuration options for SSH settings are displayed.

    • For SSH credentials, upload or paste the private SSH key in the respective box. If your SSH key has a passphrase, enter it on the provided box.

  5. Click Add integration to complete this setup.

The repository is now connected for use with Jira.

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