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Viewing list of commits in Repository browser

On the Repository browser page, click a repository to open it in Commits view and browse commits made for this repository.

The list of commits for the currently selected project is displayed in descending order:

  1. Click on the repository selector dropdown list to select the repository to view.

  2. Clicking All repositories at the top right of the page will take you back to the main Repository browser page.

  3. Select the branch from the dropdown list to browse repository contents for that branch (default view is the master branch).

  4. Select filter to show all commits, linked commits or unlinked commits that were not associated to a Jira issue.

  5. Displays the Jira issue key associated with this commit or pull/merge request (for example, GIJDEMO-1).

  6. Click on the Change icon to edit/manage associated Jira issue keys to the selected commit.

  7. Click on the copy icon to put the commit ID to the system clipboard for later use.

  8. Click on the GitKraken icon at the far right of the row to view this commit in GitKraken git client app.

  9. Click on the GitLens icon at the far right of the row to view this commit in GitLens for VSCode extension.


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