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Connecting SSH Git Repositories (Jira Cloud)

SSH git repositories can be integrated with Jira Cloud via Git Integration for Jira app.

  1. Generate an SSH key pair. We recommend to generate a 4096-bit key.

  2. Obtain the SSH git clone URL from your git host repository page.

  3. On your Jira Cloud dashboard, go to menu Apps ➜ Git Integration: Manage Git repositories. The following screen is displayed.

  4. On the Full feature integrations panel, click Git. The Connect to Git Repository wizard is displayed.

    • Paste the clone URL into the Remote Git URL field.
  5. Click Next. The following screen is displayed.

    • Paste the private SSH key on the provided box or click Upload Key File to upload a private SSH key file.

    • Enter the Passphrase of the private SSH key, if any. Otherwise, leave it blank.

  6. Click Connect to complete this setup.

The connected repository is listed in the git configuration page.

For Jira Cloud integration, we recommend to use the Auto-connect integration panel for connecting git repositories. It supports multiple git repository connections and provides additional features that are not present in SSH integration.

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