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This page contains related questions about git notes, reindex tracking and control.

Use the FAQ below to find answers to common questions.  Feel free to contact our support team if you don’t see what you’re looking for.



What does re-index do?

Re-index does 2 operations:

  • Updates the cloned repo from remote
  • Updates the indexes which contain info about every commit


Is there any way to control the reindex?

In terms of kicking off the indexing based on an event:

What other users have done is set a high interval and then configure one of those options.


Commits are not showing right away.  Can they show up faster?

Commits won’t appear immediately. Configure webhooks via Manage integrations page to make commits show faster.


Is it possible to track the specified branches when reindexing?

No. The Git Integration for Jira app is designed to do a full index.

The reindex process won’t start if reindex is already running.

For more information on indexing, see [Indexing Explainer for Git Integration for Jira Cloud](/git-integration-for-jira-cloud/classic-indexing-explainer-gij-cloud/).

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