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How to trigger Automation for Jira with Builds and Deployments

Jira automation allows teams to control processes and workflows using rules to automate actions within Jira. Automation rules have 3 parts:

  • Triggers – Listens for events and starts the execution of a rule when a set condition is met.

  • Conditions – Set the scope of a rule with specific events tailored for your team.

  • Actions – Set automated tasks to perform when a condition is met.

Git Integration for Jira supports triggers for branches, commits, and pull requests. Adding the CI/CD for Jira extension enables the use of additional triggers:

  • Build status changed, failed, and successful

  • Deployment status changed, failed, and successful.

To create new rules, go to Project settings ➜ Automation ➜ Create Rule. For more information on setting up Automation for Jira rules, visit the A4J help article.

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