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Setting up integrations

Setup repositories and manage them in the Git Integration app configuration in Jira.


Integrate your git repositories via the Git Integration for Jira app in Jira Cloud. The Git Integration app provides special integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Azure Repos and more. Start integrating your git repositories by click Add integration.

Git service integration allows git host service integration with Jira. This feature connects multiple repositories and has an array of features not found in other types of integration. This is the recommended way.

Webhook indexing integration allows Jira integration for connected repositories behind a firewall.

Single git repository integration allows SSH repository connections or to connect specific single repositories with Jira.

Menu access locations

After the installation, the Git Integration for Jira app repository configuration page can be accessed via:

* Jira dashboard menu Apps ➜ Git Integration: Manage integrations
* Jira dashboard menu Jira Settings ➜ Apps ➜ Manage integrations (sidebar)

Git URL ports

Git integration configuration page

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