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Microsoft | VSTS | TFS | Azure Repos JMESPath filter examples

An optional JMESPath filter can be configured when adding Azure Repos integration or repositories.

1. Contains (include)

value[?contains(name, 'example')] | {value:@}

This is a filter based on the text in the repository name. It will list repositories with names containing 'example'. Do note that the declared string format is case-sensitive.

2. Contains (exclude)

value[?(!contains(name, 'Test'))] | {value:@}

The ‘!‘ expression removes all repositories with 'test' in the repository name.

3. Starts with or ends with

value[?starts_with(name, 'git') | ends_with(name, 'test')] | {value:@}

Lists repositories with names that starts with 'git' or ends with 'test'.

Other examples

value[?contains(project.state, 'wellFormed')] | {value:@}

value[?contains(project.name, 'test2')] | {value:@}

value[?contains(project.visibility, 'private')] | {value:@}

value[?contains(project.visibility, 'public')] | {value:@}
  1. Displays repositories from projects where its state is completely created and ready to use.

  2. List all repositories from project named "test2".

  3. Displays all private repositories.

  4. Displays all public repositories.

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