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New GitLab v10+ authentication

GitLab v10+ stopped accepting username/password credentials for API access and will only recognize Personal Access Tokens (PAT) and OAuth authentications. Service users are strongly advised to switch from using username/password for and newer versions of GitLab Server (CE/EE) to using Personal Access Tokens.

For GitLab Server service users, they won’t see the issue until they upgrade their GitLab Servers to version 10 and higher. Git Integration for Jira app offers pre-v10 GitLab Server users as a Legacy connection option.

To access a Git repository over HTTP, use the username as the username and the PAT for the password.

To pass the private access token (for example: XpigzF1JxMnAZ7mn9qgN) to an API call with

curl --header "Private-Token: XpigzF1JxMnAZ7mn9qgN"


For more information on GitLab personal access token, see GitLab: Personal Access Token.


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