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Jira Git integration development panel

This page applies to Git Integration for Jira Server and Jira Data Center.



Jira Cloud – Development panel
The View Development Tools permission only applies to Jira Classic Projects. Next-Gen Projects don’t allow to modify the permission.

Create Branches and Branch Names
For connected GitHub git host, this feature requires enabled public_repo scope permissions.

Commits Ahead and Behind
If the user does not have the View Development Tools project permission for the project, the developer panel will be unavailable for that user.

Getting started

Git links are now available on the developer panel in the following locations:

  • Issue page
  • Search page in detailed view
  • Jira Agile screen

The 30 commits refers to an existing Git Commits view, which the issue tab have now. Clicking this text link will reload the page and automatically switches to the Git Commits tab to view the commits.

The Roll Up refers to an existing Git Roll Up view, which the issue tab have now. Clicking this link will reload the page and automatically switches to the Git Roll Up tab to view the git code summary.

Click Compare code to open the following dialog:

Compare code diff of different branches by performing the following options:

  1. Select a Repository.

  2. Set Compare branch and Base branch.

  3. Click Compare to proceed.

The view redirects to the Repository Browser ➜ Compare tab showing changes between the compared branches.

The most commonly used name for the main branch is master. For this documentation, the master branch is also the main branch.


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