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Remove Integration API

Deletes the existing integration from the Git Integration for Jira app repository configuration.

Only Jira admins can perform the Remove Integration API call.







Field Description
integrationId Integer. Required.

This is the ID of the existing integration. For example, /integration/3.

deleteFiles Boolean. Optional.

Default value is false. Indicates whether the integration folder is also deleted from the Jira server. If set to true, the repository folder is deleted from the Jira server. If set to false, the unused cloned repositories of an integration will remain in jira/home/data/git-plugin folder.

response Deletes the integration from the Git Integration for Jira app repository configuration. If the deleteFiles parameter is set to true, the folders of all the repositories of the integration are also deleted from the Jira instance.



Example 1:

  "success": true

Example 2:

  "success": false,
  "error": "Repository with id=5 does not exist",
  "advice": "Please try again with an existing repository id."


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