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Integrate Bonobo with Jira Data Center/Server

Quickly learn how to connect Bonobo git repositories via Git Integration for Jira app.

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Single repository integration

Obtain the repository URL from the Bonobo repository project page.

  1. On your Jira dashboard menu, go to Git ➜ Manage repositories.

  2. Click Connect to Git Repository to open the Connect Wizard.

  3. Paste the URL from Bonobo web portal in the provided box.

  4. Continue to the next step by following the screen instructions.

  5. Click Finish to complete this process.

The repository is now connected to Jira Data Center.

Setting up weblinks

This feature is optional.

Configure web links from either of the following locations:

  • Advanced setup in Connect Wizard

  • Git ➜ Manage repositories ➜ Edit repository/integration settings.

Select the Bonobo git host from the Web Link dropdown list.

Set the variables to the actual URL settings of the git host. In this case, replace <host> and <project> with actual path names.

Save the changes.

Viewing Git Commits in Jira Data Center

  1. Perform a git commit by adding the Jira issue key in the commit message. This will associate the commit to the mentioned Jira issue.

  2. Open the Jira issue.

  3. Scroll down to the Activity panel then click the Git Commits tab.

  4. Click View Full Commit to view the code diff.

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