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Deep Linking to the GitKraken Git client



We’ve added the ability to deep link from repositories, commits, branches, and tags throughout the Git Integration for Jira app into the GitKraken client. Deep linking allows you to quickly move between Jira and your Git source code. GitKraken supports deep linking into Git Integration for Jira as well. To learn more about this feature – see GitKraken Integrations: Git Integration for Jira.

Video guide

Right click here to open this video in a new tab/window for more viewing options.

Deep link locations

  1. Click the Open in GitKraken button to open this commit with the GitKraken client.

  2. Click the pop-out icon to open this branch in GitKraken client.

Profile settings

Individual Jira Data Center users can enable or disable the GitKraken integration with Git Integration for Jira Data Center by visiting the Git Integration: User settings page.

  1. Go to Jira Profile menu then click Summary on the sidebar.

  2. Scroll down to Git Integration for Jira preferences section.

    Click the edit icon. The following dialog is displayed.

  3. Enable/disable the GitKraken integration using the dropdown. Default setting is Enabled.

  4. Click Update to save the settings.

Administrator settings

Jira Data Center administrators can disable or enable the GitKraken integration with Git Integration for Jira Data Center for all Jira users. All Jira Server users can enable the GitKraken integration separately (see Profile settings).

Go to the Git Integration for Jira – General settings tab (sidebar).

Enable/disable this setting under GitKraken integration section.

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