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Features – Creating pull/merge requests

Jira administrator notes

GitLab note
GitLab uses the term Merge Request rather than Pull Request (used by the other major git services). In the following article, Pull Request and Merge Request can be used interchangeably.

Feature note
This feature is not available to single repository connections.


The Create pull/merge request feature offers Jira users the ability to create a git pull request directly from the Jira issue.

For information about creating a branch from a Jira issue, see Creating branches.


When creating a pull request from within Jira:

  • Automatically populates the pull request title with issue key (necessary for pull request Jira issue association) and issue summary.

  • Require each Jira user to provide their Personal Access Token for creating pull requests. This option adds some friction to creating pull requests/branches but enabling this setting will enforce the git server user permissions as well as give better attribution for the actions. See Require Personal Access Tokens for user actions (create branch/pull request) for more information.

Supported platforms

  • Full feature (Auto-connect) integrations:

    • GitHub

    • GitLab

    • AWS CodeCommit

    • Azure DevOps

    • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

    • Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Steps to creating a git pull request in Jira

  1. Prerequisite: Jira administrator configures a full feature (auto-connect) integration in the Git Integration for Jira Data Center app. See Integration guides for more information.

  2. To access the Create pull request action, do one of the following:

    1. Open/expand the Jira issue Git development panel.

    2. If not visible or displayed, enable in General settings.

  3. Click Create pull request in one of the panels from step 2.

  4. Select git repository. Use the search box to look for the specific name of the repository that will be used.

  5. If a personal access token is required (and not yet provided) – follow on screen instructions to provide a personal access token with correct permissions for selected repository.

  6. Select source branch.

  7. Select target branch.

  8. Verify pull request title is correct. Edit as desired.
    Note: the Jira issue key must remain in the pull request name to create the pull request Jira issue association.

  9. Click Create.

Video: Creating pull/merge request from Git integration development panel ( UPDATED VIDEO COMING SOON )

Right click here to open this video in a new browser tab for more viewing options.

The video shows Git Integration for Jira Cloud process but is also applicable to the Jira Server version.

If you still have a question – reach out to our Support Desk or email us at [email protected].

Associating pull/merge request to Jira issue

A git service user can create a PR/MR via the Git host service portal and adding/inserting a Jira issue key in the PR/MR title. This is automatically added to the Pull/Merge request list in the Jira issue Git developer panel.

Git service portal
Jira issue PR/MR list view

Additionally, creating PR/MR via the Git developer panel automatically associates the PR/MR to a Jira issue. This also adds a description in the PR/MR to the git host service portal containing the link to the Jira issue.

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