October 11-13, 2022

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Git Integration for Jira Self-Managed (Data Center/Server) Documentation

Repository Browser general setting

For detailed information on this feature, see [Documentation: Repository Browser](/git-integration-for-jira-data-center/repository-browser-gij-self-managed/).

Git Integration for Jira adds three new settings in the General settings configuration page:

  • Repository Browser (this page)
  • Source Code Diff Viewing
  • Require user personal access tokens for branch and PR/MR creation

Repository browser setting in General settings (enabled checked)

The Repository Browser allows users to view git repositories of configured projects.

The default setting is Enabled for new and existing Git Integration for Jira app installations. This setting is retained on restore/upgrade of the app.

If this setting is disabled (unchecked) in General settings, the Git dashboard menu will not be available for any user except administrators (to have access to the Manage repositories shortcut). When set to Disabled, it also overrides repository and integration settings, thereby, setting them also to Disabled.

More on general settings

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