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Requirement for secured import

SSH integration

Before adding repositories (new or existing) via Bulk change, make sure that you have added SSH keys for the respective git hosts in the Git Integration for Jira app configuration page. For example, you have GitHub and GitLab repositories to import, add the private SSH keys to the Git for Integration Jira app ➜ SSH Keys (sidebar) for each git host. For more information, see Documentation – Adding a private SSH key.

HTTP/HTTPS integratoin

If you use HTTP/HTTPS URLs in the origin field, the Git Integration for Jira app will not be able to import said repositories due to missing credentials. Entering repository login credentials in the TSV file is not advisable due to a possible security risk. Therefore, when editing the origin field of the TSV file, enter value using the git@<repository-url>:[your-git-repo].git format. This format will use the SSH key(s) from the Git Integration for Jira app configuration instead.

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