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Viewing list of commits in Repository Browser

In the Repository Browser, select a repository then click the Commits tab.

The list of commits for the currently selected project is displayed in descending order:

  • Select a branch from the dropdown list to browse commits for that branch (the default view is master branch). The branches and tags are sorted in reverse alphanumeric order putting the latest tags and branches at the top of the list.

  • Click Change commit issues to manage commit association to an issue.

  • Click on a commit UUID to view commit information and code diffs related to that commit.

  • Click on the GitKraken icon to view commit information and code diffs related to that commit in GitKraken git client app.

  • VERSION 4.0+ On the bottom left and top left of the list, the view options control how many rows the list will display. The default view is 15 rows. Larger row view affects page loading time.

  • VERSION 4.0+ On the right of the view options are the pagination options. Use the controls to navigate through the page list.

Clicking on the Repositories button at the top right of the page returns the view to the Repository Browser.


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