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Edit repository settings

Click Action ➜ Edit repository settings to open the Git Repository – Advanced page where you can change the settings of the selected connected repository: HOSTEDEXTERNAL or FOLDER.

Utilize the options below for configuring repository settings:

Option Description Integration
Display Name This is the alias that will appear in the Repository/Integration column. HOSTED EXTERNAL FOLDER
Key This is the key name for this repository connection. HOSTED
Absolute Repository Root This is the calculated absolute path of the clone repository root on the same machine as Jira. HOSTED EXTERNAL FOLDER
Clone root location Set to automatically managed or manually configured by Jira admin. HOSTED EXTERNAL FOLDER
Repository Root This is the path to a clone of the repository. HOSTED EXTERNAL
Enable Fetches Set to either hosted at remote server or hosted on the same server as Jira. EXTERNAL
Main Branch Set the main branch. Default is master. HOSTED EXTERNAL
Use HTTP(S) Authentication If this repository connection supports HTTP(S)) authentication, turn on this feature and enter the required username and password credentials here. EXTERNAL
SSL Verify Enable/Disable. If set to Disabled, the Git Integration for Jira app will ignore verification of SSL certificates when connecting to a remote Git server. EXTERNAL
TrustFolderStat When this setting is set to False, the objects/pack folder will always be scanned to check for new pack files. If set to True, the last-modified attribute of the folder will be used instead to check the folder for modifications.

The default value for Jira Server is True. For Jira Data Center, it’s False.
If your repository is stored on a network share, it is highly recommended to set this option to False.
Advanced: Revision Indexing and Fetch refspec Set Revision Indexing and Fetch refspec settings as desired.

Revision indexing
This option turns on the memory cache which is used when list of commits are displayed. Select if revision indexing will index and link to any mentioned issue keys in the revision history or not.

Fetch refspec
Git refspecs contain patterns mapped as references from the remote to the local repository. The first two refspec options are required. The rest of the options are optional.

For more information, see Git Internals – The Refspec.

Repository Browser Enabled/Disabled. When Enabled, it allows users to view Git repositories of configured projects. For more information, see Repository Browser. HOSTED EXTERNAL FOLDER
Tags Set whether to show all tags or show on tags with matching regex pattern. For more information on git tags, see Git tags. HOSTED EXTERNAL FOLDER
Project Permissions: Restrict to projects The default setting is Associate with all projects. You can restrict access to the Repository Browser and Git Commit tabs (Advanced) for the selected repository by setting the project associations. HOSTED EXTERNAL FOLDER
Source Code Diff Viewing Allows users to view the diff by commit and file. HOSTED EXTERNAL FOLDER
Smart Commits Allows the users to use the smart commits feature. HOSTED EXTERNAL FOLDER
Commit Message Validation Turn this setting On to reject/ignore any commit that does not reference a valid Jira issue key. HOSTED
Commit Notification Emails Enable/disable this setting to allow sending of commit notification emails.

Set the Max commit age (in minutes) as desired. Commit notifications will be e-mailed if the age of the commit is less than or equal to this value.

Web Linking Optional.

The web linking feature adds links to your git hosting provider directly into the Git Commits tab. For special integrations (Auto-Connect), this feature is configured automatically. For more information on about this topic, see Web linking.



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