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Retrieve an Integration

Retrieves the parameter details of an integration from the git repository configuration.

Only Jira admins can perform the Retrieve an Integration API call.

Retrieve an Integration

url /rest/gitplugin/1.0/integration/{integrationId}
method GET
Paramater Condition
integrationId Integer. Required.

This is the ID of the existing integration. For example, /integration/2.


Response example:

java<br>{<br> "success": "true",<br> "integrations": [ <br> {<br> "id": 2,<br> "displayName": "Test GitHub",<br> "origin": "",<br> "disabled": false,<br> "sendCommitEmails": true,<br> "maxMinsToCommitEmail": 1440,<br> "global": true,<br> "initDate": 1549911276768,<br> "lastIndexedDate": 1584930774250,<br> "revisionIndexing": true,<br> "gitViewerEnabled": true,<br> "disableSslVerification": false,<br> "smartCommitsEnabled": true,<br> "tagsFilter": "",<br> "requireUserPat": false,<br> "projectMappingIds": [],<br> "integrationType": "GITHUB",<br> "sourcesDiffViewEnabled": true,<br> "refSpecNotes": true,<br> "refSpecChanges": false,<br> "apiPath": "",<br> "apiFilter": "",<br> "trustFolderStat": false<br> }<br> ]<br>}<br>

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